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Pushpak Cabs was established with the mission of providing the best taxi service in Hyderabad City. Since our inception, we have never lowered our sights and constantly seek to improve all aspects of our company. Pushpak Cabs is recognized as a leader in providing efficient, safe, and reliable Luxury and Semi Luxury Cab service to the People of Hyderabad and people visiting Hyderabad.

Structure at Pushpak :

Preventative actions are always supported by adherence to safety limits by drivers and proper maintenance of all operating vehicles. All cars go through regular maintenance, in-house, by our mechanics and technicians, at the office premises itself in Jubilee Hills. However, sometimes due to untimely situations caused by driver fatigue or failure of road discipline or any other unforeseen circumstances, accidents may occur. When this happens, corrective actions are taken.

We have a resolution system, here at Pushpak Cabs, which ensures that an alternative vehicle is provided within 30 minutes. Support manpower is always on standby to fill in for any driver or supervisor. Once the off site problem has been dealt with, the problem at hand is definitely escalated to find out the root cause of the accident. Incase, we have concerns with our driver, appropriate penalty is levied through deduction in salary. If it has been a recurring concern with any particular driver, he is discharged immediately. However, such a situation is extremely unlikely, as Pushpak does not retain recurring errant drivers.

Performance Evaluation

With timely tabulated information gathered on site, the proposed metrics can be calculated by our accountants and reported to on a monthly basis

  • Vehicles and occupancy metrics
  • Tracking times and variances in scheduled times
  • Accident and any unscheduled downtimes
  • Vehicle utilization
  • On time arrivals and delays from schedule

We can boast of many long term ventures with Multi National Companies and Foreign Establishments in Hyderabad. This has been achieved through our loyalty in providing prompt and dedicated service to our clientele over the years.

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